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Atlanta Botanical Garden During Covid

Since the entire world has been on a much needed pause. Dylan and I haven’t been able to do our usual outdoor summer activities.

How do you keep your child’s mind curious but safe,social distancing style . What better way than planning a trip to the botanical garden!?!

It was our first time visiting the botanical garden, Atlanta. Despite it being a pandemic.

we had a great social distancing time!

we felt safe and appreciate all the extra measures the BTG has in place.

  • The Children’s Garden opens at 9 a.m. (8 a.m. on Member Mondays) and closes at dusk.

  • The Splash Pad and Build-A-Fort area will remain closed until further notice.

  • The Water Painting Wall will be open for finger-painting, but the brushes will be removed for the season.

  • The Fuqua Conservatory and Orchid Center opens at noon and closes at 8 p.m.

  • Restrooms will be closed often for sanitation.

  • all staff and volunteers wear mask at all time.

  • hand sanitizer stations located throughout the park

The Garden is absolutely beautiful and every corner is a learning opportunity. In the pond Dylan saw his first tadpole near the orchard center. We chose not to go in to avoid being in enclosed space with other people. However, the orchards were beautiful from the glass.

If you would like to plan a day with the family social distancing style at the Atlanta BTG here are some things you should know.



  2. Hours are from 9am-9pm . The park is closed on Monday’.

  3. The current exhibit is Alice wonderland. Until nov 1st.

  4. Tickets $21.95 (adults) 18.95 (children) purchase tickets in advance. Due to covid tickets are sold by time slots to manage the amount of people in the park. you also scan your tickets on your phone. Please arrive on time. If you arrive late you will be admitted only if capacity allows. You can only enter the Garden within 15 minutes after your purchased time. We will make every effort to accommodate late arrivals, but entry is not guaranteed.

  5. The park has a restaurant in the center. Dine in Guest will have to have their Temp checked . Limit 6 people per table.

  6. every person was respectful of space and distance with their group.


Times are different. continue to live and create lasting memories with your families Safely.


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