Barcelona The Perfect Itinerary

This year I had the privilege of traveling with a group of my girls to Barcelona and Madrid to celebrate my birthday. Can you believe I was able to travel with one carry on across the world for SEVEN days and still be able to shop. Mostly for Dylan. My friends couldn’t believe it. Once upon a time no so long ago. I was the girl with one luggage for shoes and another with clothes ,accessories, bags, and makeup. *insert side-eye* don’t judge me.


Although, we had a super busy and adventurous itinerary. This is how I was able to travel with one carry on. Tip: numero Uno the itinerary. Have an idea of where you’re going so your looks can match location. I must take a moment to confess because lord knows I like to overdress. This is a tip I had to give myself. The most important piece of packing detail for me is the itinerary. 

1.Pack according to each days activities. When packing put each outfit on your bed from head to toe including accessories. for some of my readers that may include your wig.

  • I chose outfits that are light and can roll. I packed a lot of one pieces. Light jumpers , & romper-for day activities.  Add accessories such as hats, umbrella, or poncho. 

2. Tip learned from experience. Barcelona is Mucho Caliente pack a fan that operate with battery. we ended up buying a hand fan. Although, super cute I used a lot of energy to fan myself.

3. Pack a bag that is versatile for day activities.

  • I used this cute belt bag I purchased from asos that can be worn as a waist bag, purse, and cross body bag for the day.These bags are an easy find and trendy starting from as low as $21 -1,100

4. Another tip I learned from experience. Pack one cute Fashionable sneaker that can be worn with all of your day wear.