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Electric tooth brush over Manual

As a mom you constantly have to come up with clever ways to engage your little one. Dylan started sprouting teeth very early. We started introducing brushing and of course anything with Dylan has to be fun. I tried several different tooth brush,tooth paste and songs . Yes, song and dance. I can’t sing but mommy will create a song to get the job done. Okay! 

I ordered this magic brush. This is what I’ll call it, from amazon. The minute it arrived at 4pm we popped it open and gave it a try.

Dylan was already fascinated with the packaging and finding Nemo characters. 

It’s advised for 3+. However, you know your child and we needed to try something New because mama’s singing and dancing wasn’t cutting it anymore. I love that the bristles are very soft. The vibration isn’t extremely fast or rough. The buttons are very easy to operate. Dylan can turn it on himself. A huge PLUS ,PLUS ,PLUS the batteries are included. If you’re a parent you know my excitement.  We've been using it now for about 4 months now and I highly recommend it. I feel comfortable knowing were brushing well and Dylan Loves it!

We went from fighting to get his teeth brush. Now we’re fighting to get out the bathroom. I’ll pick fight number two for $1000. Due to his excitement I might just need one for myself. Hello Oral -B!


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