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Dylan’s 2nd birthday!

Dylan turned the big "terrific two" . This year I planned on doing something small. Compared to his first birthday party. Year one we decided to throw a carnival theme party. Cue the bouncy house, DJ,clown , face painting , Cotton candy machine, candy apples, tent with circus games the whole works. Did I mention DIY Queen (me) wanted to decorate everything. I purchased all decor from amazon . Mamas love amazon prime. The balloon arch was pretty easy and definitely eye catching. Yes I know Dylan “won’t remember anything” . However, we wanted to celebrate a year of successful parenting. I also wanted to celebrate our family and friends for their endless support and love. As DIY Queen I turned the whole experience into a story book .Dylan will have memories to look back on forever.

back to terrific two. When we started looking for locations to host Dylan’s 2nd birthday. I couldn’t decide between the Childrens museum of atlanta vs the little house of art. The little house of art won of course if you read my previous blog post you know how much Dylan love painting. Btw, he ended up playing with the LEGO blocks at his party the whole time instead. Hey, kids are so unpredictable.

Dylan and I still ended up spending his actual birthday at the children museum of Atlanta. This whole museum is a great experience. It’s a hands down one experience that inspires learning and adults will find entertaining as well. To our surprise there is a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit™ . Dylan is obsessed with Daniel Tiger. I don’t know why we kept skipping this attraction. If you live in the Atlanta area its a must! Plan ahead and plan to spend about two-three hours. They close at four. However, if you go at 2:55 pm there is a discount. Parking is extremely convent we parked in the parking deck for $5.00 and just crossed the street.


BIRTHDAY PAW-TY The little house of art was amazing! Jessica the owner was super friendly and helpful. The accommodations definitely made it easy for me to book this location. There is a 10 child max and you have the option to pay for additional children. There is no limit on adults. Unless the adult decide they would like to paint entrance is FREE. I have a very supportive family regardless of having children or not they always show up to celebrate Dylan. with that in mind the zero restriction on adults was imperative. The bounce house was an absolute hit and the icing on the cake for me booking this location. We didn’t have to set up or clean up. When we arrived the studio was already set up with Balloons, cups and plates all matching the paw patrol theme. You only have to show up with any other decor you may want and food. The studio is located in a plaza which makes parking for guest easy. everything turned out FANTASTIC!

side note: This year we opted for cupcakes and a smaller cake and I must say cupcakes might just be our thing. It was so easy to serve.

I’m all about keep sake items and making memories that will last for a life time. Each child left with personal art work tying into the theme of paw patrol, a Polaroid picture with Dylan and art work they created on the wall.

Cheers to year two and all the adventures to come. You ready D! ( Jay-Z voice).


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