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What Does Faith Mean To You.

I asked the question what does Faith mean?

The definition in the dictionary is..........

1. Complete trust or confidence in some one or something

2. Strong belief in God in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

"Hebrew 11:1 faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see."

This is what Faith mean to Jhenelle. @restord_Gem

When I hear the word Faith and being asked what it means to me, it reminds me of my journey when I was first introduced.

A term I would hear and used quite often not fully understanding the depth of it's true meaning.

Faith for me is not just it's definition we all know in Hebrews outlining that it's the substance of things hoped for and the evidence if things not seen rather it's the promise God fulfilled by manifesting His son Jesus Christ and the price He paid just for me to have.

With that said Faith for me is an amazing gift that I hold dear to my heart. It's my lifestyle- I breathe, walk, talk and demonstrate Faith, the mere fact that I am a living being, God Himself using His faith created me.

Without Faith, I Am nothing.


Jodian said this is what faith mean to her

When I hear the word faith I think about strongly believing in someone, something when all odds are telling me not to. Faith is acceptance without physical proof. As Christians, or believers in Christ we all have faith. why? unlike many people in the bible, we believe in a God who we have yet to see. Faith comes in many stages and on our path of Christians our faith will be challenged.


A short and powerful response from Mikayla (13 years old)

"Faith is like WIFI it can be connected but has to be strong to get or do what you want"


For me when I think about Faith it is trusting what you can’t physically see. Think about it like this. When you walk into your house you may be walking into darkness but you’re trusting that

1. There is No uninvited guest is in your house

2.That you know how to find the light switch without falling over anything

3.That when you flick the switch the light will come on.

You can’t see these things walking in darkness but you trust that you walked into a safe house. The switch is in the same exact place that it’s always been and that you will get light in the darkness when you flick the switch.

This is what FAITH means to me knowing that God will provide and work everything out for our goodness so we may glorify his name.


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