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What is Fasting?

If you've attend church. I'm sure you've heard the term Fasting, but has anyone really explained. What is fasting ? why we do it? and how?

Thank God Iphone picture quailty has improved 100%.So did My quality Hey now! thats a Word.
This picture is from 6 years ago. Thank God Iphone picture quailty has improved 100%.So did My quality Hey now! thats a Word.


Nov-Jan 2018 I was led to press pause on everything social media. I normally fast at the start of the new year. However, I couldn't ignore what God placed on my heart. At first I battled with the feeling. I mean I just relaunched my blog in August. I didn't want to lose momentum. I had to re-Aline and realize that God gave me the vision of faith of a fashion mom in the first place. I realize now how much it was needed and the importance of listening to God's voice. I took time away from social media and focused on the present. I needed to hear from God directly without any distractions from everyone else's thoughts and ideas. Do you know how instinctual it is for us to get on the phone and click social media apps? Trust me I would pick my phone up without reason just to "see whats going on". To avoid the temptation I logged out of all social media and labeled the social media folder "fasting". This forced me to find alternative use for that time spent scrolling. During this time I prayed specific prayers. I read devotionals. I wrote down specific things I wanted to hear from God. I didn't want to make any "NEW YEARS resolution" without the involvement of God. Although this is normal for me. Without social media I felt more connected, intentional and focused.


fasting is giving up food or something else to intentionally focus on being in the presence of God. It is common for people to give up food. However, for medical reasons some individuals cannot give up eating and that is perfectly OK! While fasting, pray, read the bible and worship.


This is up to you and the holy spirit. Some people fast for 24 hrs, 3 days, or 40 days. "In Psalm 35:13, David humbled himself with fasting. In Matthew 4:1-2, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the wilderness. In Luke 2:37 a widow worshiped day and night fasting and praying ".


Fasting allows for a deeper connection with God. Some people fast for a specific purpose, until a goal is achieved. fasting and praying builds a stronger relationship with God. We become more in-tuned with hearing his voice. Fasting allows for us to pray with the right motives. To awaken a spiritual hunger for God that may be dulled because of a "desire for other things." To demonstrate our love and desire for God above all things . It opens us up to the direction of the holy spirit. In this time God will revel our hearts to us. The bible will start to make more sense and you will be able to see God in everything you do. Fasting grows your faith. You will begin to realize that God is in control and start to know his word over your life.


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