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Happy Rebirthday!

Yesterday was my rebirth day🌟. Sometimes I don’t feel that there is enough transparency given when it comes to being a believer of Christ. You may think were not bothered. Contrary to what you may believe we go through the MOST. The enemy is always on the prowl looking for who he may manipulate. The enemy is upset when he sees that you're no longer choosing to walk in sin. He listens when we pray to God. So that he can send you what may look like what you prayed for. This is why it’s important to have discernment, pray constantly , read the Bible, Know Gods Word and have a community that can pray for you and with you. 


You have to stand on God words. Have Hope and faith . know that God said no weapon formed against us will prosper. He never said the weapons wont be formed. He said they wont prosper. Understand that anything the enemy may try God will use for our good. He knows the plans he has for our lives to prosper us and not forsake us. God said place all your anxiety on him. He made the end before the beginning. You have to know who you are and walk in your purpose. You are a kings kid. wear your armor and know that you are royalty.


My morning started with a test. We all have that line that "if you cross wheeeww chillle" but wrath does not produce the character of God (James1:20) and He who angers you control you. Ephesians 4:26 says be angry and do not sin. 4:29 let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths but only such as is good for building up, that it may give grace to those who hear. can I be honest. In that moment I felt like I failed God. I lost my "cool". On my way to work this is my time to pray, worship and listen to a message. 

This morning I was listening to pastor Toure Roberts “People Skills” and his message convicted me. Stepped all on my toes. knocked me on my face. His message was my Exact morning. I promise you it felt like God sat with me in my car and spoke to me through this message. When he had alter call I pictured myself walking to the alter and RELEASING it all there for GOD. In that moment It dawned on me that it’s my 1st rebirthday!! this was all a TEST for this exact moment. For this testimony . To be transparent with you. 


I arrived to work walking in peace. I was completely refreshed. At the end of my work day my supervisor surprised me with flowers and a card that said CONGRATULATIONS. It completely caught me off guard. To me these flowers symbolized so much more. The first thing She mentioned was the hummingbird made her pick this particular arrangement for me. She didn't know that the hummingbird is actually my countries national bird. Also, a bird I have always admired because of its unique ability to fly backwards, sideways, and hover up and down. hummingbirds remind me that sometimes you have to change directions unexpectedly and do it with ease, style and grace. Not only did I pass my "work" test last Thursday. It was God letting me know I passed the test this morning. Happy Rebirthday to ME!


Feb 4th 2018

Thank You God for allowing me to be NEW.


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