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10 tips for traveling with a toddler

Dylan is older than 1, so he’s no longer considered an infant in arms. Dylan and I had some amazing infant trips in the sky’s. Disney,Jamaica (4x’s), New York (3x’s) Let’s say I took advantage of infant in arms. For the first flight it’s natural to have anxiety about traveling with a baby. You don’t know what to expect . Heck, I was stresssed every flight, who am I kidding. Is he going to sleep the entire flight, is he going to cry, are people going to give us the side eye if he decides to cry. God forbid, he does the natural thing called poop. You will get over these worries and learn ways to navigate any situation that may arise. So I’m sharing something I learned and items I loved while traveling with an infant/toddler.

  1. The hush hat : life saver, it keeps excessive noise out and also reduce cabin pressure. This was one of my best finds and recommend using while traveling . Dylan slept through the whole flight and cabin pressure didn’t wake him up.

  2. Packed Baby bag with snacks and toys: Remember you're on a airplane for a few hours. Add extra items for travel time until arriving to your destination and settling in. The longest we traveled was 3hrs. You’re allowed to bring liquid for infants through TSA. Side-note: plan ahead when it comes to time, because TSA will check each liquid item.

  3. A thermos with hot water: Traveling and trying to find hot water to make bottles is a task in it self. When your baby is ready to eat, trust me you won’t have time.

  4. Nursing mom: remember to bring your baby cover. If you choose to use one. Nursing is natural and absolutely normal. It also reduce cabin pressure.

  5. Tablet : As we got closer to two. This tip will come in handy . the Tablet was a must and kid safe head phones. Make sure you have videos and games downloaded that doesn't require WiFi. Just in case WiFi isn’t on board.

  6. Pack change of clothes in your baby bag. Remember you won’t have your check bag until you land. Accidents will and can happen.

  7. Book flights during nap time. Your little one will be so use to sleeping at that time. One thing that works for me is making sure I had a window seat.

  8. Extra hands: as moms we always need extra hands. traveling is already a hectic task. Eventually I got the hang of it. However, If you can travel with someone it’s such a huge Help. This one isn’t a must. I’ve encountered so many helpful people while traveling with company. The plus about traveling with a baby is you board first and Delta flight attendants are helpful.

  9. Sanitizer wipes: I wipe everything down. Tables , window , chair, seat belt. Judge me if you must . All I see is germs and a baby that touch everything then put his hand in his mouth. Disinfect EVERYTHING, just put us in a bubble lol, JK .

  10. purchase a blow up bath tub. Dylan was able to have bath time and not sit in a tub that 1000's of people took a shower in. I told you all I see is germs.

  11. Face mask : a new addition since I last wrote this blog , update 2021 . We need face mask every where we go. This was new to my list of must haves! I prefer the cloth mask. Wash and save money!

Shop the items mentioned in this blog post by clicking the pictures below.

On our many flights Dylan was a GREAT baby, thank God. The last flight we took to Jamaica Dylan didn’t sleep the whole 3 hours . Kids sure know how to keep you on your toes. I thought I had the traveling thing down like a real OG. The amount of anxiety and tricks I had to pull out the bag. I guess he had to shake me up, because I thought I could humbly brag that my child would sleep through the whole flight,ha! By the time we landed I just wanted a nap. It’s funny when people walk pass after we land and say “omg your baby was so good”. What they really mean “your baby didn’t cry the whole flight *side eye*”.

I’m sad the infant in arm stage is over but cheers to making more memories and experiencing new adventures in his own seat.


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