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Nouvelle (new)

Some of you may remember my first blog Shinelle Nouvelle. All things Fashion. Well, Guess what She is Back!. Styling, closet audit, Personal shopper and more. Stay tuned. Ill give you more tips and tricks. Styling on a budget because mama has a baby now and I"m a frugal Fashionista ,honey.

You'll Get the same Glam and Glitz. Now I"m doing it with my forever personal assistant. Ill give you tips on styling a toddler and show you the many looks of a Fashionista mama.

lets take a quick look down memory lane cc 2013 . This was my very first Photo shoot . So inexperienced but you couldn't tell me anything. I was determined to get this shoot done. I was creative director and stylist. Back then I didn't know that was " a thing" I was just doing me. Jacobs Digital concept was just starting out as a photographer. we collaborated and made it happen. He was such a professional and was Game for all my ideas.

I Jumped in on the shoot and got a few pics myself.

Model Alex was a natural. subscribe and keep up to date with all the Nouvelle(new) things coming!


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