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Delta Flight Museum

Exposure to new experiences allow for children to not live in fear and thrive. Children that understand that their parents are present and available feel secure. Regular one-on-one dates are important in all relationships including parent and child. It’s a time for uninterrupted relationship building.


I intentionally prioritize time to do fun and special activities outside the house with my mini me. Although, He may not remember these moments specifically. These are the years that will mold his character and interest. Besides, I'll have pictures and stories to tell him. We may not know what the world will look like when our children become adults. However, the morals, values and virtues we instill in them now will help them flourish later in life.


Dylan and I Obviously enjoy traveling. For our mom and me dates I like to find fun, educational events for us to attend. We live in the hub for delta. Of course we had to visit the delta flight museum. Our experience was amazing and I would definitely return. We went on a Monday afternoon. Which was perfect because it wasn’t crowded. It was almost like a private event for Dylan and I. Dylan was able to run around and touch as many things as his little heart desired. The general admission fee is $15 and if you’re a delta employee it’s FREE. However, the museum is closed on Wednesdays.

For adults that love traveling, aviation or you just love Delta. This exhibit show case delta airplanes, history and for my fashionistas there is a display of delta uniforms from the past, present as well as different countries.

The highlight of the museum for us was the 747 that delta retired for this exhibit. You’re able to walk through and sit in the cabin. I thought this was great experience especially for individuals that may never fly due to fear or finances. However, you can still experience what flying may feel like.

If you live in Atlanta or passing through and have few hours between a layover this would be a great exhibit to attend.


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