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Outfit of the day.

To be honest this white dress was not the “Birthday look” I was planning BUT July tried every bit of my faith. This event was put together in one week and this look in two days. Nevertheless, I learned to let Go! —Let go of control and allow my loved ones to love on me. Usually I have EVERYTHING planned out from A-Z. However, I found beauty in just being (As my friend would say) . Not overthinking and being super meticulous.

There is a season for everything and right now I’m in the season of not having all the answers and you know what? It was never my Job to begin with. God knew us before he formed us in our mother’s womb. Yes! He know the lit parts of our story . The parts that will blow our mind. Our job is to live in each moment & be obedient. That's not to say don’t plan, don’t work, don’t hustle. I’m saying if the balls start to fall , DON’T WORRY (Philippians 4:6) —GOD got you sis!

Ok, although some what unplanned. This was still a look so let’s get into it.


Dress: Asos [SOLD OUT]

Bag: Asos

Shoes: Good up Amazon Cheap and clean ( say that with a Jamaican accent lol) moms love amazon prime and sis had no time. If you want these beauties I'm selling it on my Poshmark for half the price.

Head piece : Another Amazon Win

Earrings : Diamontnoir



all items linked are not affiliate links.

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