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9 tips to Sell on Poshmark

I’ve been a Posh member since Nov 2015. I initially downloaded the app out of curiosity. I worked in some of the best retail stores and of course I enjoy shopping. I accumulated an unreal amount of clothing and shoes. After I got pregnant and realized one I can't fit none of these clothes and two when I return to my BB (before baby) size I probably wouldn't wear them again. I started giving away clothes, shoes, accessories etc. However, I still had a closet full overflowing. With that in mind I started seriously poshing. During my down time, pregnancy and postpartum. I started to post and upload more items that I had with tags, worn once or would never wear again after my “snap back” when ever that was. My closet started generating more followers and immediately things started selling. This was how I became a successful posher in less than a month.

1: Keep your closet organized Personally, I hate a messy closet In real life. so of course virtually the same. Ask yourself this—Would you shop on a website that is confusing, cluttered and has no flow? consider poshmark your personal website. This is now your small business take pride in that.

2: Take Great pictures Some poshers like to style their items when they post. To give buyers an idea of how to wear that piece. Some poshers even model their items. Which ever marketing strategy you choose be consistent. Make sure your items are posted with good lighting and try to take detail pictures of tags, marks and details.

3: Description Be 100% honest in your description. Not only will it save you and other poshers time from answering simple questions in the description section. You will gain TRUST with your customers. Gaining trust brings new customers and returning customers to your closet.

4: Designer —-Designer Designer items Go fast! Everyone loves a deal. Remember people are using Poshmark to find deals on the real. Here is a tip: If you snag a designer item for a deal and can purchase two of that item. Sell the 2nd one on poshmark for a little higher than you purchased to gain profit. Which Leads me to my next tip.

5: Do NOT over price Try to compare prices of items that you post with other Poshers. Poshmark recently added a suggested price for your items. This is based on the price point you typically sell your items for and how much people buy that specific item for on poshmark. Its a great tool to take advantage of.

6: Share items

Share your items often. You may have new followers that haven’t seen all your old post. You also want your older post to stay relevant. When you share an item it’s moves that specific item to the top.

7: Join parties

Parties get your items seen to people that are shopping a specific category. For example children clothing, shoes or denim. You’re also getting the opportunity to share your closet with others poshers who don’t follow you.

8: Share other closets

Be social— share other closets and they will share yours. That simple. This allow their followers to get a glimps into your closet. engage with other poshers.

Network to get your net worth. You want to get more reach and impressions. Be active on the app and you will see items flying out your closet as you sleep.

9: Packaging

posh mark make packaging, and shipping super easy when items are sold. You want your customer to have an experience when they're opening their package. Use a box that is presentable. You can get free box from your local post office. wrap items in tissue paper. If its an item that can break use bubble wrap. Don't forget to Send a thank you card, sometimes I send FREE items included with customer purchase. Be creative and imagine how you want to feel when you open your package.

leave a comment and let me know if this helps on your posh journey.

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