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Busy toddler potty training

I’ve received a lot of questions around potty training. I’ve heard the stories about boys taking longer . Stories saying it can be done in a week or three days. Opinions about what age children "SHOULD" be potty trained. Ive talked to the moms and not yet moms. Who think they receive a gold medal in the mail when they brag about little Timmy being trained at 6weeks old. (I’m being a little facetious here) but let me start this blog off by calming your nerves from all of the out side noise. Potty training is a process. Potty training each child will be different.

Potty training is between you and your child, first.

Why do I say this? similar to walking, they will give you signs “IT’s TIME”. The pee dance, grabbing , or just an over all curiosity about the potty. Early Introduction is great. However, I personally don’t believe in rushing your child through a process if they’re not ready for it. Trust me its only going to cause you and little one stress.

Everyone will have an opinion on your child’s bodily function. But no one ever ask an adult “when did you stop potty training”, so take a deep breath mom/dad. This is something he/she will be doing for a life time. I mean, look at you and I thriving in the potty training arena as adults.


  1. The three day method : I recently saw this book by Lora Jensen. linked here it gives tips on how to potty train over a weekend. I personally didn’t read but I’ve seen this float around often. other moms swear by it. I didn’t need it when I came across this read.

  2. The no diaper for the weekend method. you allow little to walk around FREE for the weekend. Allowing them easy access to the potty. The thing about this method, it’s only effective if you’re not going out for the weekend. You may have alot of accidents. Be patient.

  3. Fun potty grab a potty that may peek interest. For example we purchased this urinal since that’s what he used at school. linked here . Get their favorite character or ones that make sounds. I also Love functionality ,get one you can use as a step stool as well.

  4. underwear with their favorite character : Kids love their characters. Let them pick out their favorite character. constantly remind them about not having an accident in their new favorite underwear.

  5. The positive reinforcement method.. Everytime they go without an accident you reward them with candy, stickers , hugs or a song and dance. What every you think will get them excited to go back! The goal is no accidents. For us we used hot wheels cars, because candy isn’t his thing

  6. Night wake ups: waking them up in the middle of the night to make sure they don’t have an accident. Personally, I didnt have to do this. We had a cut off time for liquids before bed.

How do you know you have successsfuly accmplished potty training? before you throw away the pull ups. Here are my stages of potty training.

FOAFM potty training stages

  1. Paying attention to body language

here you will notice your little giving you signs it’s time, start introducing the potty. Not just the cutesy pictures but time to actually use the potty. You will see them do the “pee dance” or there “little thing” that let you know they have to go. Most likely it’s the same signal they gave while going in their diaper.

2. Listen and repeat

as you begin to introduce the potty. You will unconsciously use words like “going to the potty”. They will start to associate words with action and let you know they need to go.

3. Holding it while outside the home

At this stage you know you’ve hit a milestone in potty training. When they start holding it in public or letting you know they need to "potty". They are no longer associating potty with only being home. They realize they can use it while in public.

4. Going without letting you know

This will be a another milestone. You will notice you didn’t ask all day and they didn’t have any accidents. You might think OK! throw away the diapers, but not yet.

5. Holding it while sleeping

Here we are getting ready to throw away the diapers and pull ups because when you’ve made it to this stage. Potty training is over. Going before bed and holding it until morning. This is potty training GOALS!

  • nap time , night time , drive time

WAIT, WAIT,WAIT— actually hold on to a few pull-ups. potty training isn’t over until little one is going number two in the potty. Some children will pee in the potty and not poop. After the poop stage is over........YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DID IT!

Potty training requires patience. There will be accidents. Don’t shame your little. It’s apart of the learning process and it happens. BUT WHEN YOU HIT ALL THE MILESTONES, ITS A PARTY! your bank account will be happy, and so will your little.

What every method you try, potty training is a team effort . You have to remember to ask. Remember to take them to the potty and don’t get lazy about keeping the pull ups on. Yes, it’s a lot of up, down and asking. Eventually it will become second nature and you won’t even realize they’re going without you.


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