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Skin care tools for beauty Lovers.

This Pandemic has lasted longer than most of us expected. finding the silver lining in the whole situation. I have found time to create a skin care routine and try new skin care products. Not only that, we are now dealing with mask acne. whewww chile! But I’ll take the mask acne. If it means protecting myself and those around me, so wear your mask!

lets get into some skin care devices and products you should add to your daily routine.

Facial steamer

I don’t know why no one told me about this before!

If you do not have a facial steamer you need to get one. It is the most relaxing form of self care that you can do at home. facial steamers opens up your pores, allow for deep exfoliating, and your products will be absorbed more effectively.


The Clarisonic works 10 times better then using your hand to exfoliate. It removes the make up that may be left behind after washing your face and prepares your skin for your serum‘s and moisturizers. This is perfect for preparation along with your steamer. This has changed my facial cleaning routing foreve!

Jade Roller

The jade roller is said to be the anti-aging tool , It increase circulation reduce puffiness, relieve tension, and leave your skin glowing . Now, does it really work? In my eyes YES! (you tell me) ! 👀—the reason I love the jade roller is because its cool to the touch. Even while applying my serum’s like vitamin C or aloe.


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