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Super Mom.

Ohkay, I'm a New mom! well, not so new Dylan is almost 2 years old. Yes! "terrific two". Saying it out loud still blow my mind. I created a little human. I influence this person on a daily basis. . This part of the blog you will get to see all the creative and sometimes wacky things my mommy brain comes up with to entertain and teach my little human.I will be transparent with the Good ,the bad, and the ugly of being a "Super mom" . Every day Dylan teaches me something new about not only him self but myself also. what I love about kids is to them you're super beyond all your flaws and imperfections. In their eyes you are perfection.

This forced me to examine the inner most thoughts and feelings that I had hidden away so it doesn't become toxic to his beautiful soul. I'm Intentional when it comes to taking a break. I learned to walk away from people, things, and situations that bring negative energy into [our] space. Trust me it hasn't always been like this. I've learned that children read Body language and feel energy.

No one prepares you for the temper tantrums, the picky eater, the iphone user (this might be a Dylan thing) and millions of NO's.

After the parties and gifts you're left to "MOMMY UP" as my friend would put it.

who knew I could multitask at the level of washing dishes, baby strapped to me, preparing something for Dylan to eat, trying to remember if I ate, thinking of creative ways to entertain and make Dylan tired so I can get some work done when he's sleeping, some where in the middle remembering that the Dog needs to go for a walk, all while praying that I don't have a mental break down. Try saying all that in one breath. Being a mommy is tough. We make it look fun and easy..

Being a mom has unleashed a beast that God had hidden deep down inside of me. A inner strength that sometimes surprise me.

moms I know it get tough at times. Remember take time to take care of yourself. You cant pour from an empty cup. To be a super mom you need to be in super health. Your little one depends on you physically and mentally. Take a break when you need it. Ask for help when you can. Remember no matter what you are SUPER MOM to your little one despite all your mistakes and flaws.


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