3looks one skirt

I purchased this skirt on amazon by accident. Yup! I’ve seen this skirt on so many boutiques. Priced from high to low. However, I was on amazon looking for what ever random item mom‘s go on amazon to buy. I saw it pop up and "voila" I purchased the same skirt for the low, low.

Anyway, I was not a fan of midi skirts because I thought

  • I was too short

  • I would always have to wear heels

  • I was use to my Abercrombie mini skirts (honestly)

Turns out I’m a huge fan. Now, I own several midi skirts. Especially loving the ones with pleats.

Three ways I styled this midi skirt:

summer| spring | fall

I love mixing print. I added a pink hat for an extra pop of color. I originally had on heels and switched out to these classic Tory Burch slippers. This skirt has so many colors and textures you may be super intimidated at first glance when it comes to styling. The trick with mixing print is to make sure the prints are not fighting for attention but complement each other. For example play with the same prints in various sizes. I could easily pair a Polka dot top and still pull this look together

The spring calls for colors ! I paired with a light blue tee with ruffles sleeves and orange mules. The tee is simple but the sleeves give us a added volume and style. I grabbed this orange purse to tie the look all together.