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What to wear for Thanksgiving

This year will look completely different because of course social distancing but don’t let that stop your looks!

What are you wearing this year to the living room, sis?

Are you the cousin coming down stairs

COOL AND COMFY but when she throw the accessories on (hat and boots) she’s EXTRA fly Chilling with all the male cousins because she’s the favorite ?

HAT: Amazon



Are you the PREPPY CHIC one who’s doing a calm casual girly look! Playing with all the cute kids and asking for a million pictures?

Tee shirt : Shopdiamontnoir Satin pants: Express

strap heels : Asos

Sweater : F21

Headband : Amazon

FASHION TIP : Add a third piece to elevate any look. A jacket, sweater or blazer will create dimension.

Are you the Fun About her Business cousin who they always ask to pray before dinner?

HAT: Amazon

Jacket : Express

Shirt : Express ( not the original ) this one is a body suit. perfect for suit without needed to continuously re-tuck all day.

Pants : H&M (sold out) found similar pair on

Macy’s: striped pants

Sneakers: Nike X OFF WHITE

Who you decide to be this year in the living room. remember to have fun and enjoy the moment with the ones you love. even if you’re just chilling in your PJ’s.


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