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Home school Schedule With Activities and Crafts

How are we doing FOAFM family? Are we surviving Home school? Its been an interesting month, to say the least. 2020 got tired of our shenanigans and canceled us. Now we're here. Trying to figure out a playbook for these uncertain times. I'll be honest, week one was challenging. However, I think we found our home school rhythm.

What's working for us is details, details, and more details. Yup, I’m that mom. Is it perfect, NOPE! Dylan erased our lesson plan from the board a few times. Mommy got a tad bit lazy and made It a movie day. Judge me if you must. We all loved seeing our teacher roll in the big 1992 TV on movie day. It’s only right he had the 2020 experience. Non-the-less continue drafting your schedule. It will eventually become routine. I make a detailed schedule for the week. Which includes lessons, breaks, playtime, electronic use and eating


Alright, let’s get to business. Here is a glimpse into one of our successful work week and our focus for each day.


Focus: Numbers

  • Arts and Craft: Paint a big cardboard mural with numbers and mickey mouse. I had this box sitting in the closet and it came in handy.

  • Get Active: Hide and seek. The real focus for this game is actually counting, Because baby can’t hide for nothing. Legs hanging out from behind the chair. screaming mommy I'm Ready!


Focus: Alphabets : have your little one select the letter to focus on. our letter was T

  • Arts and craft: Based the craft on that specific letter, T =Tornado. Our experiment was to take two bottles and add water to create a tornado in a bottle.

  • Get active: Backyard play have to get some vitamin D.

side note: Ga pollen had us back in house under 10min


Focus: learning to spell and recognize Name

  • ARTS AND CRAFT: for this craft we used cereal, glue, paper , marker and cotton pompoms. I wrote Dylan's name with a black marker. We then glued cereal and pompoms on the outline of his name.

  • TOYS: Alphabet parking with Toy cars

I cut and glued letters to his toy cars. Allowing him to pick the cars. Using a box I wrote his name. Then we played "cars" matching each letter in the box.  

  • GET ACTIVE: We went outside to write his name in chalk down the driveway.



  • ARTS AND CRAFT: Tie dye activity with paper towel or coffee filter and food coloring. (this didn’t come out cute) But we laughed and moved on to the next craft activity.

Color zip lock. Using paper cut to the size of the zip lock . We put small dots of paint on the paper and dropped it in the zip lock. Then finger paint away, Less mess & same fun results!

  • GET ACTIVE: Color scavenger hunt around the house. Using paper and clothes pin. We went around the house placing each paper on items to match. I wrote the name of the color on white paper. This enhanced name and color recognition.


FOCUS: Numbers & Favorites

  • GET ACTIVE: Scavenger hunt for numbers around house. If you didn't know already Dylan love cars. getting on his level. I played cars and turned it into educational fun! by asking for two “red cars”. Three “blue cars”..etc

  • ARTS AND CRAFT: sort, counting , graphing , toy cars. Using toy cars, sticky colored notes and a poster Board. We made a graph using toy cars. We talked about which color had the MOST and LEAST.

using Cars kept his focus.


Favorite Color: blue

Favorite food: Have little one help you cook their favorite meal for lunch.

Favorite Animal: Act out the sound of animal. Teach the environment the animal lives in. What the animal eats.

Favorite book: Read favorite book before bed time

Favorite number: #9 . We counted to 9 before bed time. Used his fav number to get him in bed by 9:00 pm.

honestly, I don’t know why 9 is his favorite number, lol!





  • LESSON: Talked about the reason we celebrate Easter  

  • ARTS AND CRAFT: We created Easter bunny ears. Then we created an image of a person and talked about why Jesus died for everyone.

  • GET ACTIVE: Easter egg hunt

fun and education go hand in hand. Turn play into a learning lesson. use your child’s interest and create the lesson plan to meet their needs.


When its all said and done. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a little grace if things don’t go as planned. This season isn’t easy for the little ones either. Their daily routine has changed. They're missing friends, family, and teachers. Although, we are planning and trying to use this time effectively. Rest knowing that God already know the plans he has for our lives. During this time mental health is just as important as building your immunity. Remember to rest!


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