What I learned using drop ship

Faith of a fashion mom is my little baby (after Dylan) . I know the vision. How far I want this brand to go. I knew the boutique was next. However, working a full time job, and mom life. Drop ship was the best option for me. I'm giving you the pros and cons of using a drop ship company. Lets start with the pros.


  • Less risk: You don't have all your money tied up in product that may not sell. You can start your business with ZERO dollars. Yup! all you have to do is go on their site design your tee shirt concept or upload a logo. Just like that you're now in business.

The market is risky. Its a great safety net for all the uncertainty that retail experience.

If you have a surprisingly large order. The drop ship company will have the inventory to fill.

You can release and design 100 different style of merchandise without investing $1.

  • No overhead expense: The Company does shipping for you: once your customer place the order. The drop ship company package and ship the order out.

You don't have to worry about storage: The company is essentially your warehouse. If you design one tee in 50 different colors they are all stored at the warehouse.

  • Brand Representation: Everyone that purchase is representing your brand. This can generate word of mouth business.

Your able to ship across the world without incurring the huge shipping fees.


  • low profit margin: although your starting your business with ZERO dollars. The company takes a pretty decent percentage of every sale. which leaves you making a profit off of your own design. However, The return is eventually low for you but you’re doing less work.

On the back end you're paying them for the tee-shirt, the warehouse, labor , and design with every sale.

You start with nothing but you also make a little in return.

  • No control over supply chain: The company ships and package everything so you don't see how well things are packaged before your customer gets it. If the item is damaged you are your brand.

Due to covid shipping was pushed back for many of my customers and I had no control in how fast orders were being shipped. I didn't have the product in hand.

  • If the customer complains about quality, speed or return policy. As the business owner you'