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Books you should add to your toddlers library

last week I shared some of best educational apps for children. Its only right I follow up with some of our favorite books. Technology is great. We’re able to have any book at a click of the finger. However, I love books. I love turning the pages and being hands on. I enjoy the convince of our tablets but I prefer work books over tablets and iPad.

The kindle fire has tons of books readily available at your finger tips. One of our favorite books we discovered on the tablet is PETE THE CAT. We’re in love with the entire Series.

Brown bear is another book that was introduced via the tablet. Dylan’s teacher

& of course we still enjoy the classic Dr. Seuss books.

Here is a list of some children books to add to your collection.

  1. Dr.Seuss amazing alphabet book

  2. Peekaboo book By: Rachel Isadora

  3. When God made me By: Mathew Paul Turner

  4. All About Weather By: Hunda Haraji

  5. Pete The Cat and the Bad Banna

  6. This little pig. With a puppet twist


custom books. You can have your child’s name and birthday built into the story. This will also help with name and birthday recognition. These are also great gift Ideas!

like always leave a comment with some books we should know. Thank you for reading !


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