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Fall wardrobe essentials

fall capsule
Fall wardrobe essential

Fall is officially here! This is every fashionista's favorite season and every reason to revamp your wardrobe.These fall wardrobe essentials will get you ready for the season. Over here we love to stay fly and economically friendly. The best way to do that, is purchasing pieces that can give you a bang for your buck. Fall is all about layering pieces and with these fall wardrobe essentials in your closet you can't go wrong. With these seven pieces you can easily create a capsule collection worth every dollar. Mix and match, throw in some summer piece, and you can create over 50 different combinations with these items below.

White button down shirt

You can never go wrong with a white buttons down shirt, preferably a longer length. This will give you the option to wear with shorts and boots, as a dress, tuck in with pants or layer with a sweater vest. The possibilities are endless.


I am an all around blazer girl. Solid or print, add a blazer for a layering option with dress, tee shirts or just for a statement piece when you’re doing a simpler look like leggings.

Dark denim

Dark jeans are the perfect transition into fall. The best thing about dark jeans is you can dress them up or down. Dark denim are perfect for semi casual looks like a Friday going into to the office.

Boots (with heels & Combat boots)

Not only are boots a practical choice for the fall. They're the item you can’t go wrong with. Boots go with everything! Perfect to pair with some of your summer items like shorts , tights, leggings.

Neutral Bag

Accessories make the outfit. A stand out piece is always a purse. Grab a neautral color purse like black, winter white, nude, brown or grey. I’m not opposed to color in the fall at all But in the name of Bougie on a budget . Any of these colors will go with your fall outfit!

Denim jacket

Think of a denim jacket as you wearing jeans. layrieng a denim jacket with a hoodie under is my fav fall look. Demin jackets are perfect for those pieces your not quite ready to put away yet. Like a long dress or light weight top you can layer.

Trench coat

A wool trench coat is the essential of effortless chic. Wheather you’re throwing on some leggings and boots a wool coat layered will easily elevate any look.

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