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Matching with my toddler #ootd

Yo, New York give me so much life. I just so happened to make a quick trip to NYC during fashion week. The energy of the city was exactly what I needed. I witnessed my not so little cousin marry his beautiful wife. I couldn’t hold back my tears as the energy of love not just between the bride and the groom but also the love of friends and family filled the room. Don’t you just Love, love? If I could bottle up that energy I would.

It made sense I wore pink. The color of love . When looking for an outfit I wanted something elegant and dainty but certainly still fashionable. This fishtail number was exactly just that. I paired it with an iridescent wrap sandal and matching purse. My whole look was from ASOS. Why? Because two day shipping is life for last minute shopping, duh!

Of course Dylan was with me and I secretly was trying to match his fly. He wore a blue and white pin striped Nautica seersucker suit I snagged from Macy's with a pink button down shirt paired with his super cute and functional suede blue dress shoes from Zara.These Zara shoes are perfect for toddlers. We can just slid his feet in ,Velcro strap and go without the worries of tripping over shoe lace.


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