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Black Dress For Every Occasion

It's been a while since I been here. If I can be honest, which I usually am. You're girl was not inspired, Rona was keeping the looks on lock down too. However, here we are being grateful and happy. I'm Normalizing getting dressed up. Even if its once a month. I am throwing some heels on just to get groceries at this point. *breath in, breath out* My sanity need it, OUR SANITY need it. I was able to get out for a moment and a LBD never fail me.

You can never have too many LBD in your closet. This cute asos blk dress came in handy for the occasion. It’s the perfect staple, the perfect last minute look, and the perfect money saving piece. You can wear it over and over again. Add a sexy strappy heel and your look is pulled together.


Cheers to normalizing getting dressed for the grocery store, adding more LBD to our wardrobe and always being ready for any event. If you need some LBD ideas, I linked some you can Shop NOW!


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