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7 helpful tips to stay motivated, working out after giving birth

Baby weight. After birth I wasn’t the insta girl that had the instant snap back . Guess what mommy’s it’s OK! Don’t let anyone put that unrealistic pressure on you . Think about it your body prepared for 9 months to help your precious little one grow. At the time gaining a little extra weight on this 5’5 body frame, had me feeling real vulnerable and insecure. However, I learned how to dress for my new body type, worked out, when I could and decided to switch up my eating habits. Still no six pack ma'mi but hey, I’ll get there one day lol. I had to learn how to love my new bod regardless of what the world wanted to tell me.


I’m the type of person that go hard for a good two weeks then fall off when it comes to working out. It’s a love hate relationship. I love the results but hate the process. Aren’t we like that with most things? I had to find activities that didn’t feel like I’m “ working out” on a machine for 1hr.

I learned that I’m a team work out kind of gyal. Group Cycling , swimming, dance class , mommy and me stroller walk , & tennis to name a few things. I’m glad my friends and family are always down for my "let’s try this" shenanigans. If you’re anything like me and need to stay motivated.

  1. find a work out buddy and keep each other accountable. Even if it’s just a walk around the park, get activate.

  2. Set goals and write them down. Set an alarm or 4 to keep a reminder.

  3. Switch up your routine and find things you love to do.

  4. Exercise in increments . If you’re committed to 30 mins a day . Break it up to three 10min burst of intense work out.

  5. Consult a doctor if you haven’t worked out in a while and know your limits

  6. Most importantly don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or a week. You're a mom and it happens. Life isn’t black and white with a little one.

  7. Most ,most,most importantly remember to Love yourself no matter what.

Work out produce endorphins a chemical that works as a natural pain killer to relieve stress and Guess what? it also help you sleep. So let’s try to make work out a daily lifestyle. Low key I’m speaking to myself also. This girl is still a work in progress. Lets keep each other accountable and stay active.

Love you for reading.


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