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Family Fun Day at the Children's Museum

Dylan and I were lucky enough to attend the children's museum first Family Fun day. To attend you had to pre register online to get your FREE ticket. Tickets were released a few days before at 7am. OK, I must admit I was a little extra when it came to securing (the bag) our tickets.

1. I set a reminder on my calendar.

2. I saved the link in my notes for easy access.

3. I set a reminder alarm for 6:55 am & 7am. (keep reading I'll tell you why)

While commuting to work my 6:55 "pull over" alarm went off. I found myself in a post office parking lot. Officially laughing at myself because I have become that go hard mom and I'm proud,HA!. When the 7am alarm went off you would've thought I was typing to win 1 million dollars. By the time I entered our information which included name, birth date, and address. I refreshed the page and it said "SOLD OUT" *gasp*. side note: i found out after you're allowed 4 tickets per household. I honestly didn't think tickets were going to go that fast. THANK GOD for change because years ago procrastination would've won that battle and we would've been out of luck. I am Now the "on time Queen" and Mommy secured the FREE Tickets! Here is how our day went.

Dylan and I had a a great time. This visit he was a lot more interactive than the first trip. He was comfortable and played with everything. There were special arts and craft events & mini performances. The good thing about this event is there were three time slots.

Mommy Tips: Try to pick the time slot that isn't around nap time. You definitely can and should bring snacks. There is an area inside the museum for your stroller if needed. Parking is conveniently located across from the museum for $8.00.


Location: 275 centennial Olympic park Dr NW,

Atlanta GA 30313

Hours: Mon-Fri 10-4 expect Wednesday CLOSED

Sat-Sun 10-5

The Next Family Free Day is MAY 1st 2019

Registration opens APRIL 30th at 7AM register by clicking link and get more info!

Theme: Stem and Sports!

Now that you know how much excitement this event attracts. Feel free to take my extra tips up top and secure your free tickets for the next family fun day. Have Fun!


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