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8 things to know before visiting the Wild Animal Safari

This year for obvious reasons we had to scale back on the birthday plans. I has so many social distance idea in mind but went with the more intimate and family fun activity.

I found a drive through zoo about one hour away from our home back in July. However, I put it on pause due to the pandemic. I’m happy we put it on ice because it was the perfect birthday celebration.

when you get to the zoo you have several

Driving options.

  1. Rent a mini van $25

  2. Join the tour bus $FREE

  3. Drive your own car $FREE

We opted for option number one. We were nervous the animals would destroy our car. However, they kept walking away from our van when they saw us coming. our guess is the animals are tramatized by the vans knowing it’s humans coming to scream and be extra Or they sprayed somethnhg on the van😅. Either way we had to beg them to come over to us.

The families who decided to drive their own cars had the animals surrounding them. Meanwhile, we’re in this big zebra van making fake animal noises. Did it work? nope , But it was funny either way.


Things to know

  1. Drive all the way to the back don’t park in the first parking section.

  2. you have to get out to get your tickets and food for the animals

  3. They do have a small food court with inside and outside seating

  4. there is a walking area to see animals while you wait or if you want to do more activities (we didn’t)

  5. You have to wait for the Van. They give you a pager when it’s ready.

  6. One bag of food per person is enough. It’s up to you but in my mind it’s a total rip off to pay for food to feed their animals. The food should be FREE with tickets.

  7. Go ahead and clean the seats if you rent the Van and keep hand wipes, sanitizer, & water near by. 🥴

  8. It took about 2hours to drive the zoo because you’re behind other cars and it not easy to pass.

Overall the experience is amazing! I never touched a giraffe or seen one in arms length until coming to the wild animal safari.



  • Family Pack (2 Adults & 2 Children): $95.95

  • Adult (Ages 13+): $27.49

  • Senior (Ages 65+): $24.49

  • Child (Ages 3-12): $24.49

  • Infant (Ages 2 & Under): Free!

Duration is Full day access


Outfit details

Shorts : F21

boots: Vince camuto

Hat: Amazon


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