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8 tips For Moms That work out side the home

These days being a mom can be so over glamorized because of a 5 sec photograph you see on Instagram. Now, I'm not here to scare you away from motherhood. Its the most beautiful hood I ever been in. However, I must be transparent and tell you the real deal that comes with the title mommy, especially a working mommy. Lets talk about the sleep less nights beyond infancy because soothing your sick baby back to health, no matter how old they get, is more important. Its learning the next level of the new normal. Honey, there is always a new level after you just beat the boss. You finally think you got a hang of everything then your child decide they're no longer interested in eating meat for dinner. Now you have to figure out what is their new favorite meal. Its finding that 25th hour because lets face it. Between GA traffic and being a working mom. 24hrs just isn't enough sometimes.

First of all, lets stand and clap for all my stay at home moms. I think we all have that dream of having children, staying home, and raising them. Yup! I had that dreamy, dream for about 2 seconds.Then I realized.... its HARD. Its a job that is constantly going\. No break, No sick days, & No co-workers to cover your shift. Its a Job that is overlooked and besides the warm hugs and sweet kisses. Its a job that is underpaid. You All, are the real MVP's


As working moms we have to figure out how to balance work life and mom life. Here are a few ideas to help you find a better balance.

1. Be a good steward of your time. Be on time, value your time, as well as others. You can not get time back. It is one of the most precious things we must cherish in life. Don't take it for granted. I'm sure some of your most precious memories are filled with the people that made time to be there for you.

2. Make a to-do list. Let this be the 2nd to last thing you do before bed. Sit down and Plan your next day with God. Make a list of all your errands and all our short term goals for the following day. God willing you want to have your important tasks planned out and written down. Pay attention to deadlines and TIME. Eliminate the anxiety of trying to task everything in your head. You don't want to accidentally overlook an important school event. Realistically somethings may not get checked off. Lets be real, that's life.

3. Your last thing before bed and something that shouldn't be overlooked is talking to God. Prioritize your time with God. Talk about your highs and lows. Be transparent with God. Let God help you figure out the tough questions. This is your time to slow down. Lay it all at his feet. I promise you will rest well right after. The steps of a man is ordered by God.

4. Get a planner, a calendar, or a family board. Get everyone involved with placing their important appointments, school trips, meetings etc on this board. Lets not wait for last minute to remind mom that their is a school project due the next day.

5. Know when to clock out. Family time is valuable. Set boundaries on your time. log off, put the phone on do not disturb. Do not compromise. What ever it is can wait until work hours.

6. Plan a rest day each week. Hang out with friends and family but also take time for yourself. Although, we live in the "you have to be busy all the time" generation. We're not designed to work 24/7. God rested on the seventh day. "By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work" Genesis 2:2

7. Plan your PTO days. You're entitled to these days throughout the year. Use this time to refresh and recuperate. Don't take work with you because work will and can carry on without you.

8. Take into consideration what you put into your body, how many hours you sleep, and exercise. You may be wondering why is this important in regards to balancing life as a working mom. This isn't only great for you mentally. However, consuming the wrong foods can make you sluggish, tired and sick.

Being a working Mom has its challenges just like anything else. But MOTHERHOOD is so rewarding. Finding the perfect balance that works for you, is a mothers best act. You may have to start over weekly or even daily. Just never give up and keep going!


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